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Welcome to the Stowe Heights Challenge Course! We are excited that you will be joining us and would like to take this opportunity to share helpful information with you about your upcoming program.


The Stowe Heights Challenge Course is located in a Des Moines neighborhood near Stowe Elementary. Programs are facilitated by trained staff and designed for both youth and adult teams. They are crafted for a mixture of purposeful play, team building, and reflection. Stowe Heights programming is guided by the principle of Challenge by Choice. Each participant is invited to engage and choose the level of their challenge. 

The terrain is hilly, uneven in some areas, and flat in others. There are grassy areas, dirt paths, paved sidewalks, and mulched areas. The canopy of the old-growth trees can provide a 5-10 degree drop in temperature when going from sun to shade. Groups have access to picnic tables for lunch as needed and portable restrooms are on site. There is no running water.

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