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Through the use of intentional group development strategies and techniques, facilitators guide each group through an unforgettable experience that focuses on teamwork and cooperative problem solving. By developing these skills, and many others, we are coaching youth to become leaders in their school and community.


Our portable team building program can be used for youth and adults. Topics of interest vary and can be customized for each team we work with according to their unique needs. These activities can be implemented onsite or offsite (classroom, parks, etc.). Topics include problem solving, peer relationship development, diversity and inclusion, conflict resolution, stress management, and many more.

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YOUTH Low Ropes Team Building ( 2 + HOURS ) ( Grade 3+ )

Our low ropes team building course involves activities that include problem solving and communication development at a height of up to 3’. The activities are designed to reduce inhibitions and barriers among participants. Participants are given a real or imaginary scenario to solve group-based obstacles together with their resources allowing for the opportunity to build trust through problem solving.

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YOUTH High Ropes TEAM BUILDING ( 2 + HOURS ) ( Grade 5 + )

Our high ropes team building course is designed to be used by participants grade 5+. This program involves activities up to 45’ in the air with the guided support of your teammates. These elements produce powerful opportunities for participants to support each other through challenging experiences.

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The challenge course Scholarship Fund

Consider sponsoring an opportunity for a group of youth to participate in the portable, low, or high ropes experience by contributing to our Ropes Course Scholarship fund.