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NEW IN 2024

We can't wait to share more about what is NEW in 2024 at the

Stowe Heights Challenge Course. 

More coming soon!

Participants demonstrating the new element: The Mohawk Ironworkers Walk

Thanks to Sammons Financial Group,

Stowe Heights was able to add

a NEW low course element

to our team building options. 

Read more about the history of the

Mohawk Ironworkers Walk here

Sammons Financial Logo

Mohawk Ironworkers Walk

A high-course element named "Earthquake"

Three New High Course Elements


Three new elements were added to the high course at the end of the 2023 season. Those elements will help to provide more options and movement throughout the challenge course.  Check back once the season opens for new photos highlighting the:

Diagonal Trestle Bridge

(new element allowing participants to move between 1st and 2nd level)

Heebie Jeebie

(1st level addition)


(new to the 2nd level)

Lyn Marchant

Scavo High School

"An experience on the course makes a positive impact on our student's abilities to be resilient, vulnerable, and future leaders in the community. The learning that takes place on the course is undeniable and cannot be replicated in a classroom."

Jane Ann

St. Theresa's Middle School

"Our group loves coming out to learn leadership, to practice leadership skills, and to develop a more cohesive group dynamic."


uVoice/Waukee High School Grad

"Teambuilding at the Stowe Heights Course encapsulates so many aspects of collaboration: getting to know each other, facing challenges, working together to solve problems, and even facing your own personal fears in order to reach new heights (quite literally)!"
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