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Portable Workshop

Portable workshops are designed to bring the team-building benefits of the traditional low-challenge course program to you – at your facility or an off-site location. The program can be used as a stand-alone event, or as part of a larger team development initiative.

Working together to solve common goals is at the core of these activities. Looking at how problems are broken down to create solutions and how we communicate and work together to solve them. Some activities look simple or look difficult but can be solved in no time given the right communication, plan, and execution. This is a place where groups can practice working together in a fun manner to build skills they can take with them and implement in the workplace, in an educational experience, and with their teams.

Youth Workshops

Team Building

Leaders Buidling Comfort Zones

Experiential games are a fun way to connect and learn something new. Through games, we can build self-awareness, develop relationship skills, and practice responsible decision-making, all of which are key skills to becoming a positive peer leader who helps build comfort zones for increased student well-being and belonging. Through this workshop, we are turning the phrase "get outside your comfort zone" on its head. Teens basic best practices that they can take and use with their school or group to build connections for a stronger community,  

Whether you have a new team or a team that has been together for a while, Stowe Heights can help design an experience filled with fun and active get-to-know-you activities that bring forward your team's talents and resources. Your team will have opportunities to get to know team members, share thoughts and expectations, problem-solve, and accomplish tasks that can be applied back to personal and group goals.   

Focus Conversation

Are you or your organization looking for youth feedback? Let us facilitate your next focused conversation and help get the input you're looking for. Our Staff are experienced in managing collaborative processes that provide a hands-on, engaging environment that can utilize not only for feedback sessions but also for strategic planning, work groups, needs assessments, and event planning. 

The Value of Play

Looking for a program that is light and fun and recognizes the value of playing together? Stowe Heights can be a resource. This is for groups of people who are primarily looking for people who are looking for fun ways to build connections through play rather than specific skill decol[metn workshops. This is a great way to celebrate at the end of a year or celebrate accomplishments with your team. 

Image from an adult conference for Des Moines Public School staff participating in a introductory activity

Team Development & Social-Emotional Learning

These themes can be tailored to the needs or situations of your group.

They can be stand-alone 1-hour workshops or provided as a series: 

  • Building connection and meaning.

  • Diversity and inclusion

  • motivation- External to internal.

  • Creating change- Finding your voice. 

  • building caring- A(Healthy) risk behavior.

  • Using reflection for communication development.

  • Reframing conflict

  • Discovering your strength

  • Choice and areas of control

Peer Mentor Facilitation Skills 1.0

This workshop is designed for beginning facilitators who would to learn the basics of program design for effective experiential learning and participant engagement. This workshop will cover the experiential learning cycle, stages of group development, basics around facilitating through conflict, and the importance of reflection.  

Interactive Conference

Let Stowe Heights design a workshop for your conference or event. Our facilitators can design an interactive experience that adds excitement and invites participation. An interactive workshop can create opportunities for impactful reflection leading to rich discussions. Stowe Heights staff will walk through a needs assessment with your team to help design and align the workshop for desired goals. 

Grow Your Vision


Adult Workshops

Building Stronger Teams

Whether you have a new team, merging team, or a seasoned team, Stowe Heights can help design a team-building workshop to meet your needs, Need time out of the office to play and bond? We can help. Looking for an opportunity to bring new team members on board or merge teams through fun and active get-to-know-you activities that also bring forward your teams' talents and resources? Stowe Heights is a resource. Does your team have a professional development goal that could be addressed through an interactive workshop?

Team Building on a Budget

We are all being asked to do more with less. Stowe Heights has the workshop for doing just that. Learn low-prop to no-prop games and initiatives that you can take back to your team. Having a range of no-prop activities in your back pocket helps build a team's adaptability and creativity. Attendees will be provided the chance to experience the activity as a participant helping enhance delivery as a facilitator. Attendees are encouraged to bring an activity that they would like to share and process with the group. 

Customized Workshops

We can utilize our knowledge of experiential programs to design training specific to your needs. Pricing depends upon several factors including, but not limited to duration, setting, location, and the number of trainers needed.

Facilitation Skills 1.0

This workshop is designed for beginning facilitators who would like to learn the basics of program design for effective experiential learning and participant engagement. This workshop will cover the characteristics of a great facilitator, the experiential learning cycle, stages of group development, and the value of reflection. 

Facilitation Skills 2.0

This workshop is designed for the facilitator who would like to develop their soft skills. Participants should have a basic understanding of "Facilitator Skills 1.0" allowing them to focus on self-reflection, strategies for inclusion, belonging, and assessing individual and group needs for success. 

Facilitation Skills 3.0

This workshop is for everyone who wants to be a mindful and supportive facilitator, helping participants set healthy boundaries while doing hard things. Stowe Heights is by design that individuals and groups will be asked to do hard tasks. These tasks can be physically and mentally challenging, both of which can lead to a challenging emotional experience. It is important to build skills and awareness around facilitating emotional responses to events. This workshop will discuss prevention and response techniques for a facilitator.

"The Stowe Heights Portable Program was such an amazing experience for our adult team. Not only did we have an opportunity to get to know each other and have fun, but we were able to learn about how team members best communicate and work together. We participated in a two-hour program, but the time went by so fast, I wish we had booked the entire day! The facilitators did an amazing job working with our group of 30 and ensuring that all activities were thoughtful, engaging, and provided time to debrief. We will book again!"

Bobbie Jo Sheridan

Des Moines Public Schools

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