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challenge Course Scholarship

Consider helping to fund an opportunity for a group of youth to participate in the portable, low, or high challenge course experience by contributing to our Challenge Course Scholarship fund.

Our course offers a unique opportunity for youth and adult groups alike that serves a need in the Greater Des Moines community and the midwest.


The ropes course brings a new opportunity to the Des Moines metro and the Midwest. Your tax-deductible gift of $50 or more help contribute to the long-term sustainability of the course and will help offset equipment purchases, course inspection and maintenance, and ongoing operational fees.


For more information, contact Alicia Vermeer at

Ways to support Stowe Heights: 


1. One-time sponsorship

 List some things that could be sponsored:

 - Finalize the Giant Swing: $5,000 

 - Low Course element: $10,000 

 - Mulch Trails:  $5,000 

 - Landscaping: $1000

- Group Sponsorship $500. (see #3)

 - Signage: $200

 - Scholarship (see #4 below)


2. Ongoing support - monthly smaller donation ($10-$100) that supports general operating costs & supplies for programming. (link to ongoing donation button on CYC website)


3. Sponsor a group: donate $450 (minimum cost for a 3 hour program with a group of 8-10 people) and sponsor a team. You can designate the funds or allow CYC to select a youth group in need. 


4. Scholarship Fund: A one-time contribution to our matching scholarship fund.