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Scholarship Fund

Consider helping to fund an opportunity for a group of youth to participate in the portable, low, or high-challenge course experience by contributing to our Challenge Course Scholarship fund.

Our course offers a unique opportunity for youth and adult groups alike that serves a need in the Greater Des Moines community and the midwest.


For more information, contact Alicia Vermeer at

Ways to support Stowe Heights: 

1. One-time sponsorship

 List some things that could be sponsored:

 - Finalize the Giant Swing: $5,000 

 - Low Course element: $10,000 

 - Mulch Trails:  $5,000 

 - Landscaping: $1000

- Group Sponsorship $500. (see #3)

 - Signage: $200

 - Scholarship (see #4 below)


2. Ongoing support - monthly smaller donation ($10-$100) that supports general operating costs & supplies for programming. (link to ongoing donation button on CYC website)


3. Sponsor a group: donate $450 (minimum cost for a 3-hour program with a group of 8-10 people) and sponsor a team. You can designate the funds or allow CYC to select a youth group in need. 


4. Scholarship Fund: A one-time contribution to our matching scholarship fund. 

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