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Stowe Heights Challenge Course provides opportunities for participants to step outside their comfort zone, and build key skills in communication, resilience, and persistence.

The Stowe Heights Challenge Course

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challenge Course Scholarship

Consider helping to fund an opportunity for a group of youth to participate in the portable, low, or high challenge course experience by contributing to our Challenge Course Scholarship fund.

Funds raised through the scholarship fund will be used to offset fees for groups that would otherwise not be able to afford participation in the team-building experience offered by the course. Your tax-deductible contribution can be restricted to a group that you are passionate about or given to CYC to use at their discretion to fund group team-building activities through the course.


For more information, contact Alicia Vermeer at

Challenge course sponsorship

Our course offers a unique opportunity for youth and adult groups alike that serves a need in the Greater Des Moines community and the midwest.


The ropes course brings a new opportunity to the Des Moines metro and the Midwest. Your tax deductible gift of $50 or more helps contribute to the long-term sustainability of the course and will help offset equipment purchase, course inspection and maintenance, and ongoing operational fees.


For more information, contact Alicia Vermeer at